Scrap Metal Merchants in Winchmore Hill | Metal Recycling & the Law

At Mixed Metals, we pride ourselves on the stellar reputation we hold in Winchmore Hill and the surrounding areas. The metal recycling industry is highly regulated for many reasons. Naturally, part of this aims to optimise the customer experience as well as ensuring clear, honest and transparent operations. However, driving down metal theft, which costs the UK economy £220m every year, remains one of the key driving forces behind the laws and legislation of our trade.

The primary legislation relating to work of scrap metal merchants comes in the form of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. Originally, this act was introduced in 1964 and remained unchanged until a revision in 2013. The current law states:

By enforcing payment methods of this kind, transactions have clear traceability as well as a verifiable audit trail.

In order to fully comply with these changes, Mixed Metals now makes payments to our customers in Winchmore Hill and the neighbouring areas via direct bank transfer. This ensures we still retain the high levels of convenience and customer satisfaction that we have long been synonymous with.

In addition, scrap metal merchants also require a license from their local authority in order to trade. Any site found operating without a license faces a fine of up to £5,000. Records detailing transactions have also become more thorough. This includes taking the name and address of the seller – which we verify against a passport or picture card driving license – as well as keeping a record of receipt for the metal. This receipt discloses various details about the consignment, such as metal type and weight.

By reducing the amount of unacceptable and cash-in-hand trade, this legislation aims to keep metal theft at an absolute minimum. In theory, with no one other than legal scrap metal merchants to buy the material, stealing it with the intention to sell becomes an unviable option. With detailed documentation and verifiable paper trails, all business in the metal recycling industry remains legal and above board.

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