Your Trusted Local Scrap Metal Merchants in Walthamstow | How Scrap Metal is Reused

Over recent years, concern over the climate has begun to finally gather serious traction, and there’s a lot of public discussion over what we can do personally to reduce our carbon footprints. One thing that’s often brought up is the recycling of scrap metal, through scrap metal merchants like ours – which covers Walthamstow and all surrounds. It’s certainly not the least desirable way you can do your bit for the planet; after all – you’ll get paid a fair sum for it!

But what actually happens to scrap metal after it’s gone through the recycling process and is ready to be reused? That’s the question that this article looks to answer. If you’re more interested in speaking with our scrap metal merchants to get a quote for your excess aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, lead, stainless steel or zinc – we won’t judge you for not reading it… cut right to the chase and call us on 07875 712188  or 020 8880 9334.

The Main Uses of Recycled Scrap Metal Transportation Infrastructure – One of the biggest uses of recycled metals is in creating infrastructure like railway tracks and roads around Walthamstow and the wider UK. It’s great to know that your recycling efforts are going to creating a better linked and more efficient transport system throughout the nation.

Vehicles – Material gathered by scrap metal merchants also goes directly into making the vehicles that use the aforementioned infrastructure. About a quarter of all vehicles are made from recycled metal, and many aeroplanes incorporate recycled aluminium. So that Coke can over there might soon be going places!

Furnishings – Many of our Walthamstow clients, some without realising it, have homes or businesses that feature scrap metal furnishings. These can be eco-friendly, long-lasting tables, clocks, chairs, chests of drawers – all sorts!

Art – Scrap metal merchants also have a close relationship with artists around Walthamstow and its surrounds, who will often buy scrap as material fuel for their creative projects. We’ve seen some fantastic scrap metal art, and some of it ends up in galleries and the museums the world over.

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