Scrap Metal Merchants in Enfield | Finding a Reputable Merchant

At Mixed Metals, we recognise the thought and consideration that goes into choosing scrap metal merchants. From individual members of the public to tradespeople, and from small businesses to larger organisations, everyone understandably wants to get the best possible deal for their unwanted material. However, this leads some people in Enfield and the surrounding areas toward a common mistake: simply choosing the merchant who offers the highest rates. Naturally, value must play an essential part in any decision, but numerous other factors should be considered too.

Below, we have listed several points which can help you find the perfect scrap metal merchants for your requirements. Not only do they indicate a company capable of meeting your needs on all levels, but also one that actively wants to establish a fruitful, ongoing relationship.

Not all scrap metal merchants have the same operating standards. Here at Mixed Metals, we take the modern approach. Having invested heavily into the latest technology, we have a range of innovative and advanced reclamation equipment. We firmly believe in moving with our industry into the 21st century, making for an improved working environment and customer experience.

We have a courteous, professional approach that puts our Enfield customers at the heart of everything we do. This customer-focused service remains a key reason for our status as the leading scrap metal merchants in the region.

People from all walks of life often find it hard to get to their scrap metal merchants at a convenient time. For private domestic customers, this usually comes in the form of not enough time before or after work to visit a depot. In the case of commercial or industrial clients, limited personnel numbers mean no one working on a project can be spared to make the trip. As such, it pays to find a merchant with flexible opening hours.

Mixed Metals opens at 7:00am Monday to Saturday. On Monday to Thursday we close at 4:30pm, 4:00pm on Fridays and 12:30pm on Saturdays. As our customers and clients in Enfield confirm, this range provides ample opportunity for everyone to visit us.

At Mixed Metals, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and integrity as a business. We fully comply with all industry guidelines, including the 2013 changes in the Scrap Metal Dealer Act which made it illegal for scrap metal merchants to make payments with cash. You can rest assured, we still make instant payments, only now this comes via a direct bank transfer.

By adhering to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, we help to reduce metal theft in and around Enfield and, of equal importance, uphold the reputation of our industry.

While the above factors should come into any decision-making process, we also fully understand that the rates offered by scrap metal merchants have a huge say in the final choice. Both demand for and availability of scrap metal fluctuates on a daily basis, so our rates follow suit. Needless to say, we monitor market developments and always pay a fair price for your materials.

In reality, any merchant in the Enfield area who purports to pay the best prices at all times rarely does so, and usually works to the same indicators as we do.

Please view our service video for a further insight into how we operate.

Do you live in Enfield and need the services of trusted scrap metal merchants? If yes, call Mixed Metals on 020 8880 9334.