Scrap Metal Merchants in Finchley | Facts About Metal Recycling

Here at Mixed Metals, we thrive on all things related to our trade. Naturally, our first-time customers from Finchley approach us without much knowledge of the industry. But this is hardly surprising as, to outsiders, the subject of metal recycling seems complex. Even the thought of choosing scrap metal merchants raises an array of questions. Our personnel take every necessary step to make our service, and the advantages associated with it, as clear as possible. We have a genuine passion for what we do, and like to share how our work benefits local, and even global, environments.

We recognise that, no matter the trade or industry, facts have a reassuring quality. For example, did you know scrap metal merchants contribute significantly to the worldwide demand for copper? Did you further know that merchants help to satisfy this demand by contributing over 40% via recycling? Likewise, 30% of global zinc production comes from recycling, while 80% of zinc that can be recycled successfully undergoes the process.

Below, we have listed even more impressive facts about metal recycling, breaking them down into handy groups of individual metals. If you require more information about our services, please contact us.




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