Scrap Metal Merchants in Muswell Hill | The Benefits of Metal Recycling

Over the last decade or so, recycling initiatives have played a vital role in reducing the amount of waste generated by households in Muswell Hill and across the country. The results, and the benefits, have been well documented, and rightly so. The push to recycle and reuse products extends far beyond our homes and workplaces, however. From the shunning of plastic bags to the uptake in locally sourced food, people have finally woken up to the need to minimise our impact on the environment. In our role as scrap metal merchants, we tow much the same line. Having invested in the latest reclamation equipment and machinery, we recycle a huge percentage of the materials we receive.

Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the benefits that come with recycling metal. If this inspires you to cash in on your own unwanted materials, please contact Mixed Metals on 020 8880 9334.

When compared with the production of new metals from raw materials, recycling metals such as steel and aluminium requires approximately 95% less energy. Despite this huge saving, only around 30% of global metal production comes from the recycling processes of scrap metal merchants. Due to this benefit, we make cashing in on your unwanted materials as simple as possible, including a free pick-up service in the Muswell Hill area.

The work of scrap metal merchants places less demand, and thus less impact, on the environment. In turn, this helps us conserve natural resources. In order to produce metal from raw materials, certain companies need to mine natural reserve deposits, all while causing significant pollution. Recycling metal not only reduces our reliance on this process, it ensures deposits remain intact while reducing carbon emissions.

Developing the pollution angle, recycling metal far exceeds production with raw materials in every respect. Figures from the EPA indicate metal recycling reduces consumer waste by 105%, air pollution by 85% and leads to a reduction of 76% in water pollution. While the reduction in air pollution helps to lessen global warming, the lessened consumer waste and water pollution plays a vital role in the protection of everything from local communities in Muswell Hill to the world’s oceans.

The UK holds status as one of the five largest exporters of scrap metal in the world. Our metal recycling industry currently has a worth of approximately £7 billion, and the majority of the products produced by scrap metal merchants gets exported worldwide. From our services in Muswell Hill to those across the country, the scrap metal trade is highly regulated. Our work contributes a significant amount to the national economy and ensures domestic and international customers truly get outstanding value for money.

If you live in Muswell Hill and need the services of proven scrap metal merchants, call Mixed Metals today on 020 8880 9334.