The Go-to Scrap Metal Merchants in Haringey | The Scrap Metal Recycling Process

Mixed Metals proudly serves as the scrap metal merchants of choice for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Haringey area. While some are well aware of how scrap metal goes from its original form, to being incorporated into an altogether new product, others do not. To demystify the process and shed some light on exactly what it is we do, we’ve looked to run through the scrap metal recycling process in the below article.

However, we’re well aware this might not be of interest to you. If you’ve found us because you’re looking for scrap metal merchants in Haringey who can offer fair, competitive prices and prompt pick-up of scrap metal – skip right ahead and call us directly on 07875 712188 or 020 8880 9334.

The Process Broken Down Collection – The first aspect of what scrap metal merchants do is to collect the scrap metal itself. We value the scrap, make payment, then come to the location of the metal at a time convenient for the client. It might not just be a site in Haringey, as we cover a wide area surrounding it.

Sorting & Grading
– It’s essential the metal is properly sorted; we use a magnet to identify ferrous metals, if present in a bulk amount of metal, and then the ferrous / non-ferrous metals are separately screened and checked using high-tech equipment. This ensures that our scrap metal merchants do not risk recycling something that should not be, for legal/safety purposes. Our Haringey scrap metal merchants also need to grade the metal, as this determines what it can or cannot be used for.

Recycling – The actual recycling itself sees the total scrap metal placed on a conveyer belt which feeds it through to an industrial shredder, which makes short work of breaking apart the metal. Chunks of metal are then separated up through the use of a magnetic drum. Steel will be employed for certain products, while nonferrous metals collected from Haringey clients will be taken into a different machine to be sorted through the creation of a repulsive force via magnetic currents. At all stages, our scrap metal merchants provide visual inspections to ensure all is functioning correctly, and different types of scrap don’t get mixed up with each other.

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